Website FAQ 2.0

What do we do when the product is powered off?

When the lock power is less than 10%, the lock and APP will remind you to replace the battery. If the lock is powered off as a result of not replacing the battery in time, the mobile power supply can be connected via a type-c port at the bottom of the outer panel. Alternatively, you can use the emergency keys. 

Can senior citizens use fingerprints?

Most senior citizens can use fingerprint authentication. But it depends on how badly the fingerprints have worn off. Some of them may find it difficuly to use fingerprints, which is a common issue for smart locks and even smartphones. We recommend you allocate an NFC card as an alternate wat to experience our smart locks.

What's the difference between security code and Admin password?

Security code is an independent password for Mijia App to access lock devoce interface. Admin password is used to reset the lock, etc.

How to re-pair the new lock? steps:

1. Long Press the reset button

2. Enter admin password or admin fingerprint/Fingervein 

3. Complete reset

4. Delete this device from the APP and Re-pair

5. Complete re-pair

What should I do if my fingerprint recognition rate is low?

1. You can try to enter several fingerprints with the same finger to increase the fingerprint information to increase the success rate of unlocking.

2. Please keep the correct pressing position when unlocking, not too light, not too short.

What do we do if we lost the NFC card?

Connect local Bluetooth to the lock and remove the NFC card’s access to the door opening. If you need a new card, you can buy it from us and pair the system with the new card.

Is it safe to unlock with Face ID?

The Face ID unlocking function is a convenient way of unlocking using personal facial features as the "Key" for unlocking. Face recognition technology is very mature and has been widely used in finance, social security, education, public security, and enterprises. 

Is Finger Vein and Palm Vein unlocking safe?

It is safe. The palm vein algorithm verifies the internal biological characteristics of the human body, which cannot be stolen by remote and non-inductive collection, and has high security. In addition, our palm vein information is only stored in the door lock and will not be uploaded to the server, so there is no need to worry about leakage.

What should I do if my finger-vein recognition rate is low?

1. You can try to enter the same finger multiple times to increase the finger-vein information to increase the success rate of unlocking.

2. During the finger-Vein process, please do not press the finger-vein recognition module. Try to enter the finger-vein characteristics of the entire finger.

3. When unlocking, please keep the correct positioning posture, and touch your fingers to the contacts at both ends of the identification module at the same time. Do not press too hard.

4. You can try to clean the glass in the middle od the finger vein module. In daily use, please try niot to touch the glass to avoid affecting the recogintion rate. 

How to perform a firmware upgrade?

The firmware upgrade requires the mobile phone to open the Bluetooth close to the door lock upgrade, and does not support the gateway remote upgrade.


How do i replace the batteries?

Open the cover of the battery compartment, take out the old batteries, and replace with new 1.5V Alkaline AA batteries. Please replace all batteries at the same time.

When I return to the live screen page from another page, why is it sometimes disconnected?

When you jump to another pages, we strategically pause viewing live footage to reduce unneccessary camera power comsumption. After returning, if you want to continue viewing the live screen, you can "click to retry" to continue viewing.

Why sometimes the power in the MiHome consumables is inconsistent with the power of the door lock plug-in?

This problem usually occurs after the large battery is pulled out. At this time, due to the suspension of peephole's work, it is unable to report the battery level through WiFi, and Mijia does not support reporting this event through the gateway for the time being, so this problem occurs.

Solution: Enter the door lock plug-in to check power.