How long is the warranty?

 2-Year Product Warranty

How can I register the product warranty?

 Our technician will register the product warranty on behalf of you after installation.

What situation is not covered by your warranty?

1. The product is beyond the warranty period

2. The product barcode has been obliterated or torn up

3. The product serial number or model number on the warranty card is not consistent with the product

4. The warranty information is inconsistent with the invoice information.

5. The product is faulty or damaged due to improper usage, maintenance or storage without following the user's instructions.

6. It results from installation, repair, or disassembly conducted by a third party.

7. Product is damaged as a result of accident or human factors, including but not limited to collision, improper input voltage, high temperature, inflow of water, battery, leakage, lock displacement, lock insensitivity, etc. due to crack, falling or twist of the door or door accessories (other than the lock).

8. Product wears off or is scratched, aged, and so forth, as a result of long period of use.

9. Product failure or damage caused by force majeure, such as earthquake, fire, flood, lightning, etc.